Affordable Couture


By Jemi Armstrong and Linda Arroz

Vivays Publishing, 208 pages

“I like to have my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet”, said Carrie Bradshaw. Aren’t we all tired of disposable, badly sewn and even worse fitted mass market clothes? But the harsh reality is that most women cannot afford exclusive and exquisite designer pieces.

The authors of Affordable Couture set out to prove this common perception wrong. In their comprehensive guide they explain how to find unique treasures and build a wardrobe fit for a queen even if you don’t have the bank balance to match.

Every woman deserves a treasure in her life and the first part of the book discusses how the way we dress is tied to our social status and image. Following trends is important, too, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to approach such an emotional process as shopping with more thought and responsibility and buy pieces that would stand the test of time.

So, where to find those unique designer goods? Don’t limit yourself to local vintage and consignment boutiques. There are other places you can explore: flea markets, designer outlets and sample sales – and it is all in the book, sorted by country. You will also find useful tips on preserving and caring for your covetable pieces and even optimizing closet space.

Just in case you need a little bit more motivation, there is a fun chapter profiling couture collectors with tons of stories like “I bought a genuine Balenciaga coat for just $15.00!” I might be somewhat exaggerating here but this article in Forbes proves that such amazing deals exist.

So arm yourself with this handy guide and go couture hunting. You can afford it!

Images are courtesy of Vivays Publishing

About the authors:

Linda Arroz is a noted speaker, writer and consultant whose expertise encompasses fashion, beauty, wellness and technology. Twice designated one of the 25 Most Powerful Players in the fashion industry by the California Apparel News, Arroz has appeared on hundreds of TV shows including Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight. She is a co-founder of Makeover Media, a boutique agency in Los Angeles that offers public relations, social media and strategic planning.

Jemi Armstrong, M.Sc. is a Los Angeles-based fashion illustrator, author and professor. Her book credits include co-author and illustrator Pencil to Pen Tool: Creating And Understanding The Digital fashion Image; Fashion Design Drawing Course; and I Sketch Therefore I Am. She holds a master’s degree in science and three undergraduate degrees in fashion and art.

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