Daphne Guinness


By Valerie Steele and Daphne Guinness

Yale University Press, 124 pages, illustrated

This book is the result of Daphne Guinness’s extended interview with the curator and fashion historian Valerie Steele. Daphne explains the origins and characteristics of her style, remembers her past and discusses her relationships with other creative personalities such as Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen.

I can almost hear Daphne’s voice, the one you will never forget if you have seen The Secret World of Haute Couture. An old-style, thorough biography can be written anytime by anybody but this book is so much more than that because it makes you feel like you’ve just had a conversation with Daphne herself.

You will also find out what others are saying about Ms Guinness, with others being her father, Hamish Bowles, Suzy Menkes, Philip Treacy, etc. For example: “Life is a stage for Daphne. She can steal the show from every other girl in the room, but they don’t mind, because she’s so sweet that everybody has to love her” – Valentino Garavani.

The book features high-fashion photographs, paparazzi shots and family pictures, 64 illustrations total.

A tiny drawback: I would have loved to see more than two pages of text dedicated to the exhibition that’s going on at the FIT Museum right now. Obviously, you can still find some of these pieces in the book as Daphne wears most of the garments she owns, but an exhibition catalogue would be great thing to have as well, won’t you agree?

Overall, I’m very happy with this book and it will inspire me for many years to come.

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